Flamingo Paper Confetti FP005


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Looking for Flamingo theme Birthday or Baby Shower decorations?! Tropical confetti make your party adorable.

• Pink, Hot pink, Green, Gold

💖Flamingo Confetti is made from high quality design paper
💚Available in sets of 100pcs and 200pcs
💖You will receive in the pack of 100 pcs: 12 pineapple + 20 flamingo+ 10 monstera leaf+ 58 two size circle
💚The gold circles, pineapples, flamingos and monstera leaves are white on the backside
💖Elements Size: pineapple - 2.3'; flamingo - 3'; monstera leaf - 2'; circle - 1.25'
💚Made carefully and accurately
💖Handmade and keeps the warmth of our hands
💚Ship assembled and ready to use

!This product is not a toy! Should only be used with adult supervision!