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Surf First birthday theme parties are perfect for an exciting and memorable celebration. Perfectly designed with a Hawaiian surf board backdrop, your guests will love the fun, beach-inspired atmosphere.

Surf birthday decorations. Take the Summer everywhere!

Celebrate your summer child in style with the ultimate surf-themed birthday party! Embrace the excitement of riding waves by hosting a surf birthday bash that will make a splash. Even if you're nowhere near the beach, you can still capture the essence and energy of the surfing community. Transform your party space into a tropical oasis with palm trees, sunshine, and wave decorations to set the scene. Don't forget to top off the celebration with a surfboard cake topper, hang a vibrant banner, and have party hats adorned with surfboard designs for all the guests. Ride the wave of fun and enjoy the high tide of this epic party!

Surf birthday party. No thrill just chill

Even though your toddler may not be able to surf the waves yet, there is no reason to deny them the excitement of a beach-themed party. Encourage your little one to reach new milestones by hosting a surf-style celebration for their first big accomplishment. Instead of stressing over the details and breaking the bank, consider opting for a convenient bundle service. This includes all the essential items such as cupcake toppers, a high-chair banner, confetti, and much more, all carefully curated and assembled in a matching set by our team. Simply choose the set size that fits your needs and place an order. When you receive the bundle, all you have to do is unpack it and enjoy the party without any hassle. Make your toddler's special day even more memorable with this stress-free and convenient party planning option.

Surf girl party decorations

Gone are the days when the surfing culture was predominantly built around boys. Nowadays, anyone, including your princess, can confidently step up on a board and ride the waves! Encourage your little one to embrace the thrill of surfing with a Surf Girl party bundle.
Crafted in vibrant summer colours and made from high-quality materials, these decorations are truly a game-changer. The color palette of the bundle features soft tones of pink, mint, and blush, paired with earthy shades of sage, yellow, and tan, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise on the beach.
To set the scene for the party, start with a high-chair banner and party hats. Make sure to have one special hat for the birthday girl and additional ones for the guests to wear. Since you likely have a treasure trove of photos from all the memorable events that have happened throughout the year, why not showcase some of them to your guests? Display your little one's growth with a monthly banner that highlights her milestones and achievements.

Surfboard Centerpieces. What to put on top?

Every birthday is built around a cake. However, not every parent has the time and skill to bake one themselves. Ordering a decorated dessert is an option if you can afford it. High-quality edible embellishments can cost a pretty penny. Frankly speaking, a multi-layered cake will hardly be appreciated by a toddler. We have a solution that is more than enough to take a perfect picture for the family album and earn some likes from family and friends online - a cake topper! Quick, unique, and budget-friendly. We offer three designs to meet the needs of your party:

  • Surf Girl Cake Topper: Has a Barbie Malibu touch to it.
  • Surfboard Cake Topper: Cute and minimalistic, available in colours for girls and boys.

With these surfboard centrepieces, you can easily elevate the look of your birthday celebrations without breaking the bank. They are a fun and attractive addition to any cake and are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

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